7 days
151 km
Easy to Intermediate
Up 4,480m / Down 6,289m
Bicycle type

aegean bike trips

Scheduled tour dates of Aegean East coast

Tour upon request

Highlights aegean bike trips

  • Sea caves of Veneto
  • Gorge of Palia Mitzela
  • Abandoned village Ano Kerasia
  • Paths on Mount Kissavos
  • Traditional village Keramidi
  • Paths on Mount Mavrovouni
  • Lake Karla

One week between mountain and sea in Skiti, municipality of Agia

There are some places that can win your heart not by the unparalleled beauty of their landscape but by the warm hospitality of the locals and the serenity that a lot of us seek during our vacation. The traditional, quiet and small guest-house Eos in Skiti village, on the east side of Mount Mavrovouni, is included among these destinations. Built with a lot of love by Kostas, who used solely stone and wood for its construction, it decorates the entrance of the village and welcomes us!!

We guarantee that as a visitor you are going to enjoy the sunrise from its courtyard as in few places and that you are going to taste delicious Mediterranean specialties from its cuisine.

“Greece by cycle” prepared five beautiful and enjoyable bike trips around this guest-house which are going to be unforgettable. We are looking forward to cycling together!

What to bring with you on this tour aegean bike trips

In order to know what necessary things to bring with you on this tour, please check the information at the What to bring” section of our General Information, but especially for this tour bear in mind that the temperatures in this area range from 25°C to 35°C. If you wish, you could also bring some diving equipment since the programme includes a visit to sea caves.

How to get there

Start and end of the route: Eos guest-house in Skiti, Larissa

Transfer service between Thessaloniki and Skiti or Larissa and Skiti is available upon request. For more details, please contact us.


Day 1:

We welcome you at the guest-house until the evening dinner. We take care of your transportation from Thessaloniki or Larissa to the guest-house upon request (not included in the price). We settle down in our rooms and take the opportunity to get to know each other and to inform you about the programme and the worthwhile visiting places of the area.


Day 2:

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 17 km (on dirt roads and paths)
Elevation gain: 680 m uphill and -680 m downhill
Difficulty: Easy route with quite a few differences in elevation in comparison with the few kilometres to be travelled. Free dirt road with a 1-kilometre path composing a “clear” cross country route that everyone can enjoy… even grandpa!

“Skiti’s trails – Around the Lake” Starting our route south of the guest-house we leave Skiti behind us after a while in order to follow a pleasant cycling route. Our destination is a small, artificial lake and a chapel with panoramic view of the village and the sea.
The majority of the area is forested, promising to “let” us enjoy our bicycle without distracting notably our attention. One thing is for sure, though, that if we are at the lake in time, our photographic talent will find a remarkable theme for creation. Half-submerged trees coming out from the crystal clear waters of the lake offer images of unique interest and if the day is warm enough, the temptation for a plunge will be strong.
From there we go up to the neighbouring hill with the exceptional view of the Aegean Sea and the sunset.
The last part of the route is ridden easily, so that we can return to the guest-house to get some rest and to eat.


Day 3:

Duration: 8–9 hours
Distance: 45 km (24 km on dirt road and 21 km on asphalt road)
Elevation gain: 1,592 m uphill and -1,857 m downhill
Difficulty: Intermediate. Average fitness level and good handling of the bicycle on long downhills is required.

“Around Mount Kissavos” Our cycling exploration in the forest starts just further up village Melivoia, on the south slope of Mount Kissavos and at an altitude of 400 m.  We cycle on a well trodden dirt road (cross country) without any significant differences in elevation, under the shade that the giant beech, chestnut and oak trees of the mountain provide with such care. We meet brooks “willing” to refresh us, gorges and springs to have a rest, and occasionally the beautiful image of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea reveals itself through the foliage.
At the 22nd km we make a stop next to a stream where we can spend some time exploring its ponds and have an energizing picnic.
Afterwards, we leave the dirt road and cycle on asphalt road where a new landscape is gradually revealed in front of us. We keep on cycling towards the north-west side of the mountain, along Bouzaki Gorge, until we reach Spilia village at 800 m altitude. There we can get some rest and enjoy our dinner.
The finishing touch is the last part of the route: 11 km of leisure bike until the artificial lake “Bara” in Sikourio at 200 m altitude. That’s where our exploration around Mount Kissavos comes to an end and we return to the guest-house by the mini van.


Day 4:

Duration: 8–9 hours
Distance: 30.5 km (11 km cycling on dirt road, 2.5 km trekking and 17 km leisure bike on asphalt road)
Elevation gain: 694 m uphill and -1,185 m downhill
Difficulty: Very easy route suitable for everyone. It includes short but also steep trekking. Good handling of the bicycle on long downhills is also required.

“Around Mount Mavrovouni” Along the coastline, just after Rakopotamos village, where the coastal dirt road begins we start cycling towards North Pelion and the small, traditional village Keramidi, where most of its beautiful, stone houses are still preserved.
It’s an easy route that follows closely the rocky beaches of the area offering us beautiful images of the Aegean Sea. Clear turquoise waters, stone ruins “climbed” on beach rocks, caves, small huts in forests of olive trees and age-long plane trees are some of the elements that compose this pleasant route.
After cycling for about 2 hours (11 km) we arrive at the humble, stone chapel of Agia Paraskevi. Right next to the brook, an old stone bridge, that used to connect Keramidi with the seaside village Kamari, takes us to an uphill path towards the village. We leave are bicycles here in order to reach the village on foot following the steep slope, passing next to the old watermill and the fountains of the village (2.5 km and elevation gain starting at 266 m).
In the village square, under the shade of the trees we can have a rest while enjoying the rich flavour of Greek coffee accompanied by “spoon sweet” (fruit preserved in sugar served in a spoon) in one of the traditional, little cafés. We can also wander through the narrow streets of the village and enjoy our dinner until the time comes for some “leisure bike” ending on the shore of Lake Karla (17 km).
From this place the van takes us back to the guest-house.


Day 5:

Duration: 5 hours
Distance: 37 km (30 km on dirt roads and 7 km on paths)
Elevation gain: 1,254 m uphill and -1,254 m downhill
Difficulty: Easy to intermediate. The few elevation differences as well as the relatively long distance of 37 km place it among the routes of intermediate difficulty level, suitable for everyone who has basic knowledge of mountain bike. Everybody, though, can enjoy it and even inexperienced cyclists can try it without fear, since there is a support vehicle, too.

Skiti’s trails – King’s circle” On this day we should take plenty of water with us… and a small picnic could help us restore our lost energy. We have in front of us a distance of 37 km and 1,254 m uphill to cross.
We explore the beautiful, thick forest until Polidendri (350 m altitude) and we make a stop at the ruins of the estate of the former king of Greece (650 m altitude). Since a king decided to have land in this area, he must have known something. Maybe because even a king needs to seek some tranquillity and simplicity among his duties.
We can enjoy one more cross country circular route in the area of Mount Mavrovouni which has all these details that can give us a “big” smile when we return to our hospitable guest-house.


Day 6:

Duration: 8–9 hours
Distance: 22 km on forest roads
Elevation gain: 660 m uphill and -1,313 m downhill
Difficulty: Easy and suitable for all levels. During the first 10 km, riders of no good fitness get a little bit tired.

“Ano Kerasia – Ovrios Beach” In North Pelion, further up Lake Karla, there is a small, abandoned village in a magnificent location on the side of the mountain called Ano Kerasia. Just before entering the village there is an old, stone chapel, a fountain and a beautiful, giant oak tree.
In the village you can still see old roads that used to connect the neighbourhoods,  houses that “try” to stay upright fighting against time, courtyards with forgotten pergola vines and all sorts of wild flowers. The church of the village is preserved in very good condition surrounded by a fantastic cobblestone yard. The narrow dirt roads cannot fit a car, but we have no difficulty in crossing them by our bicycles, going uphill on a pleasant and of unique beauty route towards Ovrios Beach.
At the beginning, there is a smooth uphill, that becomes, though, quite difficult after a while. For a few kilometres, it gives us some discomfort, until we cross to the south side of the mountain, that has a view of the sea, thereafter, one of the most pleasant, mountain bike routes is awaited.
Just before we reach the beach, there is a spring and the beginning of a path, that leads to Palea Mitzela and to the stone bridge of “Diakoumis”. Alternatively, whoever wants, can walk all 1,800 metres of the path. Of course, we recommend it with no hesitation.

Afterwards, a swim in the crystal waters of Ovrios beach, until the arrival of the boat that is going to take us to the sea caves of Veneto A magnificent landscape that we are going to explore before our return to Agiokampos.


Day 7:

The last and most melancholic day of all… the farewell day. Following seven beautiful days, full of cycling, experiences, discoveries and new friends… maybe we renew our date on one of our next trips, under the care of  “Greece by cycle”.


Bon voyage!

Route specifications table

General route difficulty level: erica-weel-level-3
Easy to Ιntermediate*
Rider’s ability level (technical): erica-weel-level-3
Elementary to Intermediate experience*
Physical fitness: erica-weel-level-3erica-weel-level-4
Average to Εxcellent*
Bicycle type: Mountain bike
Distance of route: Total of 151 km (17+45+30+37+22 km)
Elevation: Total of Up 4,480 m
(680+1,592+694+1,245+660 m)

Total of Down 6,289 m
680+1,857+1,185+1,254+1,31 m)

* For a detailed description of our rating scale please refer to the corresponding Levels of Difficulty Tables on our website.

Routes that altogether alternate between easy and intermediate level without any technical difficulties. In two out of five routes there are parts with significant elevation difference, which is not a problem for cyclists in good fitness. For the ones that are not so fit the support vehicle is available to offer some rest, if needed! For more information, please refer to the description and the graphs of each day.

Your sandals or casual shoes can also be transported by the support vehicle, which are necessary during our stops in order to walk towards worthwhile-seen landscapes, like waterfalls, springs and gorges.

Price and what it includes

The participation fee for “Aegean East Coast” is the following (Guided tour):

Prices and accommodation options
€1,540 single room accommodation
€1,320 double room accommodation per person
€1,260 triple room accommodation per person
€1,210 4-person room accommodation per person

For discounts for big groups, please contact us.

Minimum number of participants in order for the tour to take place is 5 people.

Full payment of the participation amount should be settled two months in advance of the scheduled start of the event.

What is included and what is not

INCLUDED Accommodations for 6 nights at Eos guest-house
Welcome drink, free Wi-Fi, access to the swimming pool and playroom
6 breakfast meals at Eos guest-house
4 lunch meals at the guest-house
6 dinner meals at the guest-house
Beverages and drinks accompanying meals
2 picnic meals (packed “light lunch” eaten outdoors on our bike tour)
Snacks and drinks during the routes
2 attendants (van support driver and bilingual certificated bicycle guide with First-Aid certification)
Support vehicle during cycle tour (equipped with first-aid kit, bicycle repair kit, water and snacks)
Shuttle service to and from cycling routes
Boat transfer with stop at sea caves of Veneto
Souvenirs (jersey clothing and water flask)
Free photos
Bicycle helmet
Day route maps (directions, distances and elevation profiles)
NOT INCLUDED Air tickets
Trip insurance
Bicycle rental (available under request)
Personal purchases and extra expenses than those mentioned above regarding the hotels
Transfer from Thessaloniki and from Larissa to Eos guest-house (transfer is possible under request)
Anything that is not mentioned in the Included items

aegean bike trips

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