one day excursion
Easy to Intermediate
Up 750m / Down 1,340m
Bicycle type

Olympus day tour

Scheduled tour dates of Olympus day tour

Tour upon request


  • Cycling and hiking


  • One-day excursion
  • Children friendly (children’s bicycles and/or children’s bike seats and appropriate car seats)
  • VIP tour – small group, great care (groups till 5 people)
  • The 5th person travels in seat of limited comfort (back seats have less space for legs)


Wandering in the home of the gods

Olympus day tour:
The first time I organised with my friends a hike in our mythic mountain was a long, long time ago. A climber, who was older than me, lent me his heavy leather hiking boots and gave me instructions on how to make them waterproof. I had to clean them thoroughly and rub them with the special seal oil, which I did with much care. This was engraved on my memory, together with that first autumn climb of mine.

All the myths and stories I “grew up” with appeared in my mind. Sometimes, I imagined Poseidon crossing the Enipeas river from the sea in order to join an assembly of the gods, and other times, the Muses bathing in the river. I could see Zeus sitting majestically on his throne surrounded by Hera, Athena, Ares who had just come back from the battle fields. Hephaestus could also appear blowing in his furnaces, or flying Hermes delivering the mail, and Aphrodite reflecting her beauty in the Aegean Sea, where Aeolus would open his bags and release his winds…

Fortunately, you won’t have to prepare your heavy boots in this short excursion, but you have to be careful in case you meet a shy Muse bathing in the river, or hiding in the dense foliage of the forest, crossing a bridge or picking mirabelle plums or wild cherries off a tree.

We will be expecting you to hike and cycle together with us in the most sacred mountain of Greece, Olympus! One day on its slopes, accompanied… by myths and Gods!

What to bring with you on Olympus day tour

In order to know what necessary things to bring with you on this tour, please check the information at the What to bring” section of our General Information. Especially, though, for this tour you are going to need:

  • Hiking and cycling clothing suitable for the season
  • Towel and swimwear (whoever wants to swim in the natural pools)

Departure and Return

Departure: from Thessaloniki (from your hotel or any other location upon agreement)
Return: to Thessaloniki (to your hotel or any other location upon agreement)

Day program

Distance: 20 km (2.5 km on foot and 17.5 km by bicycle)
Elevation on bicycle: Up 750m / Down 1,340m

At 09.00 o’clock we depart from Thessaloniki towards the old Monastery of St. Dionysios, which is located on the slopes of Olympus, next to the Enipeas river. There we are going to be guided in the sites of the Monastery with the magnificent Christian art, and after that we are going to descend into the trail that is part of the E4 European path.

This is the starting point of our hike to “Prionia” trailhead. In the old days, it used to be the village where lumbermen gathered their labour, and nowadays it’s the point where climbers and mountain travellers start their routes towards the mountain refuges and the top of the mountain. We are going to walk for almost two hours in the shady foliage of the forest, next to natural pools and falls, through fragrant flowery meadows, old beech trees and Bosnian pine trees, on wooden bridges and alongside caves and rocks that are so elaborately placed by nature.

In Prionia we are going to have free time for rest, food and preparation of our cycling route to Litochoro, at the foot of the mountain, overlooking the Enipeas gorge and the Aegean Sea.

There we can have a short brake and after we arrange our equipment in the car, we are going to depart for Thessaloniki, arriving at about 19.00 o’clock.

Olympus, the mountain of the Gods, has so many more beauties, myths and stories to reveal to us. We will be glad to organise with you a longer tour, where we will have the chance to travel together again!

*In case of bad weather, the tour won’t be cancelled, instead the programme will be adjusted.


Route specifications table

General route difficulty level: erica-weel-level-3
Easy to Intermediate
Rider’s ability level (technical): Not applicable (only for MTB)*
Physical fitness: Average to Intermediate*
Bicycle type: Trekking bicycle
Distance of route: 20 km (2.5 km on foot and 17.5 km by bicycle)
Elevation: Total of UP 420 m by bicycle
Total of DOWN 1,240 m by bicycle
Total of UP 330 m on foot
Total of DOWN 100 m on foot

* For a detailed description of our rating scale please refer to the corresponding Levels of Difficulty Tables on our website.

A short description of the terrain of our routes, pointing out their difficulties might be useful. Regarding the 2.5 km hike the required physical fitness of the participants is generally of “average” level. There are no dangerous crossings, at the beginning it’s downhill and later on becomes gradually a smooth uphill until Prionia. Children over 7 years of age, which are used in hiking with their parents, can easily participate in this tour.
Regarding the beginning of the cycling route, for about 1 km it’s dirt road, 500 m downhill, which thereafter becomes uphill, where the paved road begins. The longest part of the route is downhill paved road with long hairpin bends. Regarding the physical fitness of the participants, this route is not going to be demanding. On the other hand, it requires very good handling of the gears and breaks of the bicycle. Furthermore, suitable child’s bike seat can be provided to whomever might need it.

Price and what it includes

The participation fee for “Olympus Mountain day tour” is €115/person for this Guided tour

Minimum number of participants in order for the tour to take place is 3 people (or €345).

Full payment of the participation amount should be settled two days in advance of the scheduled start of the event.

What is included and what is not in the Guided tour

INCLUDED Transfer from and to Thessaloniki
2 attendants (support vehicle driver and bilingual certificated bicycle guide with First-Aid certification)
Support vehicle (with first-aid kit, bicycle repair kit, water and snacks)
Water flask
Bicycle and bicycle helmet (to be returned)
Children’s bicycle (for 7 years old and over)
Children’s seats (for vehicle and for bicycle)
Free photos
NOT INCLUDED Coffee and Meals
Trip insurance
Anything that is not mentioned in the Included items
olympus day tour
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
olympus day tour
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
Olympus pass – Hike and bike

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