3 days
46 km
Up 2,052 m / Down 2,700 m
Bicycle type

cycling tour pelion

Scheduled cycling tour dates – Guaranteed departures!

From 27 to 29 July 2018
From 22 to 24 August 2018

Other tour dates upon request


  • Valley of Tempi
  • Square in Kanalia village
  • Deserted village of Ano Kerasia
  • Path to the Monastery of Flamouri
  • Shady forest with great variety of vegetation
  • Downhill forest road to Ovrios or Agios Nikolaos beach
  • Gorge and path of Palea Mitzela
  • Arched stone bridge of “Diakoumis”
  • Ovrios beach
  • Marine exploration
  • Sea caves of Veneto (tour by boat)
  • Kamari village

Exploring the most wild side of Pelion

Around 1570, in the most mountainous region of the “mountain of the Centaurs”, according to legend, an icon of the Holy Apostles was found at the roots of a cherry tree. On the occasion of this event, a church was built in the namesake of the Holy Apostles and around the church, “Kerasia” village (which means “cherry tree” in Greek) was founded.
Among flowering meadows in spring, next to a deep stream, with a view of the Pegasitikos Gulf, one can find today ruins and a few houses, which are visited by their owners during summer, since the village was abandoned in 1944.
This is going to be our starting point for a wonderful, three-day trip to the beauties of this remote and unknown region of our country. We will camp on an abounded stone village and on the beach, cross by our bicycles ancient paths, that used to connect old villages with idyllic beaches. We will dive into the sea caves of Veneto… and, who knows, we might even encounter a “centaur”, for which my friend, Iordanis from Volos, advised me to watch out…
So, let’s enrich our experiences, fill our mind with beautiful images and meet new friends, or tighten our relation with older ones.

What to bring with you on this tour

In order to know what necessary things to bring with you on this tour, please check the information at the What to bring” section of our General Information, but especially for this tour you will need:

  • Mountain Bike with suspension and in excellent mechanical condition (brakes, suspensions, etc.)
  • Extra protection equipment (whoever wants to try and descend the technical paths)
  • Trekking shoes
  • Sleeping bag, pillow, towels, personal hygiene items, headlamp, hat/cap, a change of clothes, jacket for cool nights, raincoat
  • Swimsuit/swimming trunk, flip flops, snorkel mask, fins, etc.

Departure and return

Departure: from Philippion Hotel in Thessaloniki.
Please, find on the website of the hotel information about the location and how to get there: Philippion Hotel.
Nearest airport: “Makedonia” International Airport (SKG, Thessaloniki).

Return: at Philippion Hotel in Thessaloniki.


Day 1:

Duration: 3 hours
Distance: 11 km on dirt road and 4 km on technical path
Elevation gain: 855 m uphill and -855 m downhill
Difficulty: The dirt road part of the route is relatively easy but the technical path requires long experience and good fitness.

“Abandoned village and remote Monastery”: Gathering at 08.00 and departure with a 4×4 vehicle from Philippion Hotel (Thessaloniki).
After, maybe, a short stop in the Valley of Tempi, we continue towards Kanalia village, where we will stop for food or coffee in the beautiful square of the village.
Early in the evening we will reach the abandoned village of Ano Kerasia, and while the members of Greece by cycle set up the camp in the hospitable yard of the church, the rest will have the chance to enjoy a three-hour tour. We will get to know the amazing paths and forest roads of the area, in a thick beech forest, until we arrive at the Monastery of Flamouri (Holy Monastery of the Transfiguration), perhaps, the most isolated monastery in our country.
It’s a short, but elevation-demanding, route (855 m elevation gain), where we cycle on forest roads for 11 km, and on a technical path for 4 km. Whoever wants can follow the path on foot, after securing the bicycle at the beginning of the path.
Upon our arrival, a lit fire will be awaiting us for relaxation, our dinner, accompanied, perhaps, by some tsipouro, since we are in the vicinity of Volos, and a debrief about the schedule of the following day.


Day 2:

Duration: 4 to 5 hours
Distance: 21 km on dirt road and 2 km on technical path
Elevation gain: 686 m uphill and -1334 m downhill
Difficulty: Route of intermediate difficulty, with relatively small elevation gain, but steep uphill paths, that require good fitness, and with a very difficult technical path, that requires long experience and good fitness. The route ends with a continuous, downhill path for many kilometres, that is not going to hinder the rather inexperienced ones, and that we are all going to enjoy.

“Descending to the sea”: Under the shade of walnut and chestnut trees, we are going to enjoy our breakfast, storing energy for the day. On this day, we are going to descend to the sea, following a route of 23 km, with elevation gain of 686 m and 1,334 m downhill!
While crossing by our bicycles this quiet side of Pelion, we are going, of course, to have a break for a snack, after the first uphill, but well shaded, part of the route. As a matter of fact, we follow an old path that widened over the years in order to be accessible by cars. After the junction to “Chionotrypa”, we continue mainly downhill, and towards the end of the route we will have the choice to walk for about 50 minutes on the path that leads to the ruins of Palea Mitzela village. There, we can drink water from clear streams and admire the view of the Aegean Sea through the “openings” of the forest.
After we cross the old, arched, stone bridge of “Diakoumis”, we arrive at the end of this path, where our bicycles will be awaiting us in order to descend among the hanging gardens of the area towards Ovrios beach. That’s where we are going to spend our second night, setting up our camp on the sand and next to a coastal pond.
Crystal clear waters make us relax, while our “chef” prepares a rich dinner at sunset.


Day 3:

Duration: 2 hours
Distance: 8 km on dirt road
Elevation gain: 537 m uphill and -537 m downhill
Difficulty: Route with a big elevation gain for it’s distance. Without technical difficulties, but still requires good fitness.

“Desert beaches and sea caves”: Our last day has a full, as well as interesting, schedule, with the highlight of our visit by boat to the sea caves of Veneto.
If, however, our previous day was not enough for us, we could, before our departure, cycle for 8 km to a neighbouring, rocky beach, typical of Pelion, and still come back on time for our marine exploration on a remote, sandy beach before the sea caves of Veneto. Noon will find us in picturesque Kamari for food or coffee, under the shade of plane trees, until our departure to Agiokampos, where the four-wheel drive vehicle is going to await us for our return to Thessaloniki.


We wish you a nice trip!

Route specifications table

General route difficulty level: erica-weel-level-3
Rider’s ability level (technical):
Physical fitness:
Good to Very good*
Bicycle type: Mountain bike
Distance of route: Total of 46 km
Elevation: Up 2,052 m
Down 2,700 m

* For a detailed description of our rating scale please refer to the corresponding Levels of Difficulty Tables on our website.

Routes of intermediate difficulty, with relatively small elevation gain, but steep uphill paths, that require good fitness, and with very difficult technical paths, that require long experience and good fitness. Of course, in the difficult parts there will always be the choice of the support vehicle for some rest, and you will also have the possibility to leave your bicycles for a while and cross the paths on foot.

The cycling route ends with a continuous, downhill path for many kilometers, that is not going to hinder the rather inexperienced ones, and that we are all going to enjoy.

Price and what it includes

The participation fee for “Pelion Adventure” is the following for a Guided tour :

Prices and accommodation options
€390 2 person tent (free camping)
€440 1 person tent (free camping)

For discounts for big groups, please contact us.

Full payment of the participation amount should be settled one month in advance of the scheduled start of the event.

What is included and what is not in the Guided tour

INCLUDED Tent accommodations (free camping)
Set up and break camp, along with necessary equipment (tents, tables, chairs, kitchen, shower, awnings, lights, etc.)
Preparation of meals, setting and clearing the table
2 Breakfast and 2 dinner meals, 1 picnic, drinks and beverages
Snacks and water during the tour
Ride by inflatable boat on Monday (in case of force majeure, e.g. due to rough sea, there will be an alternative schedule and refund of the amount of 50 euros)
2 attendants (van support driver and bilingual certificated bicycle guide with First-Aid certification)
Transfer on the first day from Thessaloniki (Philippion Hotel) to the starting point of the cycling tour (Ano Kerasia)
Transfer on the last day of the cycling tour from Agiokampos to Thessaloniki (Philippion Hotel)
Support vehicle during cycling tour (equipped with first-aid kit, bicycle repair kit, water and snacks)
Shuttle service during cycling tour (it will transfer luggage from one camping site to the other)
Souvenirs (jersey clothing)
Free photos
Bicycle helmet and water flask
Day route maps (directions, distances and elevation profiles)
NOT INCLUDED Lunch on the first and last day (to take place on local restaurants)
Air tickets
Hotel in Thessaloniki before and after the tour
Trip insurance
Bicycle rental (available upon request)
Alcoholic drinks
Transfer between Thessaloniki International Airport “Makedonia” and hotel in Thessaloniki (transfer is possible upon request)
Anything that is not mentioned in the Included items
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