Greece by cycle is your team for cycling Greece. We give a little background information about ourselves, but also some insights of how we got involved in the fascinating and fun  world of  biking.

We were born in the suburbs of Thessaloniki at the time when as children we still used to hang out in groups and wander for hours by our bicycles along the paths of the plains nearby, among reeds and thorny bushes… With usually bloodied knees from the falls, we used to rest under laden-with-fruit almond and cherry trees, depending on the season, recharging our lost energy.

Years went by and the bicycles with the big saddles and the drop style handlebars were replaced by the first mountain bikes. Our rides started becoming longer, carrying with us more snacks and water, at last, in the designated for this use bottle cages.

Many things have changed since then; no matter how many years went by, though, what remains the same is our love for bicycles of every type, for travelling and adventure.
We travelled throughout our beautiful country, within its current borders and up to the ones that once used to be, from the coasts of wild Crete till the borderline of the raging Evros River, to picturesque villages of the Aegean Sea and to the unspoiled nature of the Pindus mountain range and Mount Rhodope. From the places of god Pan in mountainous Arcadia till the steep peaks of Mount Olympus, our most sacred mountain.

We may have admired the magnificence of the Alps with the quiet forests and felt awe in front of the highest peaks of the Himalayas with ancient civilisations still living in a remarkable way on the slopes of the “giants”; we always come back, though, with a yearning in order to see the stone-built villages of Zagori and to refresh ourselves in the cold and crystal clear waters of the Voidomatis River, to drink wine in Melinikio (known today as Melnik), to go skiing on the slopes of Bansko and to cycle from Arda River till Zlatograd.

A few years ago the “steps of our life” led us to Petrich in Bulgaria, which became our second country and from where we organise our wonderful cycling routes and trips to “new” but also “old” Greece.

Together with excellent partners and lovers of cycling who are well-trained not only in guidance but also in first aid, we created a wonderful environment to make you feel at home and we guarantee the exceptional planning and organisation of your cycling quests.

We hope to meet you soon!

The team of  “Greece by cycle” or “Greece Bicycle”

Greece Bicycle-Greece by Cycle-Erica & Michalis
Erica & Michalis