Exploring new CROSS COUNTRY routes

Exploring new CROSS COUNTRY routes
New cross country routes in remote mountains of Northern Greece

New cross country routes

European cyclists aware for the hidden beauty of the remote mountains in North Greece are asking “Greece by Cycle” for new cross country routes in the region. And because there is nothing that excites our team more than an exploration trip, it got organized and realized as soon the first signs of spring came out

This trip got an even more special dimension trough the participation of our Brazilian guests Serrano and Denise, a worldwide traveler’s couple. Nevertheless, Pindus National Park, the region contained between the big names of Zagori and Meteora was still unknown to them, as it remains a largely unexploited and wild area.

Pindus National Park is considered as one of the least visited and least known national parks in Europe and it is not signposted from the main roads of the region. The national park has an elevation range from 1,076 to 2,177 metres (3,530 to 7,142 ft) and is characterized by dense forests of European black pine and common beech, rocky ridges, several peaks over 2,000 metres (6,600 ft), rapid streams and mountain lakes. The area belong to the wider Pindus Mountains mixed forests ecoregion and is a representative part of Pindus mountain range. (source:Wikipedia)

The experience

While the Zagori region and its impressive canyon where still recovering from winter, Meteora, located in lower altitude, was immersed in fresh green and wild flowers. There we had the chance to circulate freely and enjoy discovering trails in between its giant rock formations.

It was a successful attempt till we reached altitudes over than 1600m, where the snow is still covering the slopes of the mountains in this time of the year. Our common sense made us to turn back, to try from other roads, to go around the tops… But no, it was too early in the year for such a trip! Inevitably parts of the route remained unrecorded. The good thing is that we have a reason to return soon and get once more into “exploitation mode”.



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