…and here we go

…and here we go
bike tours greece by cycle

… and so we start little by little!
referring to “Greece by cycle” going live on the internet, since we’ve already started this effort since last August…

We didn’t need lengthy discussions in order to decide the creation of our little company. Apparently, some ideas seem to “mature” inwardly for years, and at the right moment, and under the proper circumstances, they “find” the way to grow and give “fruit”. Without even comprehending it, our way of life, or everything that we love, whatever we choose to occupy ourselves with, our character, and maybe our talents, when they exist, in combination with various conjunctions, urge us, in the end, to fulfill our dreams…

We have always loved travels, to lose ourselves for days on the mountains, and to keep on returning to the paths that we liked the most, the routes next to the sea, the well known places for their good wine, the places that have a story to tell, the new friends and, of course, the bicycle…

We intend to share a combination of all these experiences, with whomever will trust us for a short or long trip by our bicycles… We have been working all these months organising the idea, …recording routes, gathering the best equipment, but most of all, preparing ourselves, mind and body, in order to offer high quality services, guiding cycling enthusiasts to the hidden beauties of Greece, and even beyond, throughout the Balkans…

Many thanks to our friends, Theofilos and Andromachi, for their help in the creation of our website and in the translations.

Bon voyage!

Erica, Michalis… and partners

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Michalis Stamatiou
Life is a big adventure for me, especially, when I am in contact with nature... I love working with wood, riding my bicycle or hiking in the most remote areas of Greece. Founder of "Wood workers" and "Greece by cycle."


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