Last technologies on tour bicycles and more!

Last technologies on tour bicycles and more!

A few days ago Greece by Cycle participated with a stand in the great fair of active vacations in the Netherlands, the so-called “Fiets en Wandel beurs”. With this, we finished the year’s attempt to inform those interested in visiting and cycling in Greece. In the short time that we were free, we did not skip to visit the booths of other companies and admire the new technologies on the development of bicycles. Some of the items that caught our attention were:

“Closed” gear systems for unbeatable reliability
Hydraulic V-brakes or moped disc brakes for safe braking with a lot of weight
Electrification almost 90% of the models
Much titanium
Removable Trolleys for all needs
Endless gadgets
Till everyday clothes specially designed for style and comfort in cycling

But the best we can do is to let you browse our photographic record from the exhibition…

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Erica Weel
As a citizen of the world, I chose beautiful Greece as my formal home. My passion: to discover this country by my bicycle! Architect, fitness trainer and founder of "Greece by cycle".


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