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1.1 ROAD BIKE TOURS mtb tours greece

One-day or multi-day routes suitable for Road Bikes, with or without an attendant and a support vehicle. They include provincial, quiet roads around lakes or along rivers, roads that connect villages and places of archaeological interest from the rich history of our country. In our menu you are going to find routes that correspond to all cycling levels, from relaxing family getaways to climbs to the mountainous inland for experienced cyclists. In these tours we take care of the accommodation and food, always in selected lodgings that have personally been tested regarding the quality of their services and products. mtb tours greece

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These featured tours for Mountain Bikes, one-day or multi-day ones, are organised with an attendant and a support four-wheel drive vehicle. They mainly include forest roads, a few passable paths, and, wherever this is necessary, paved roads.

From Pelion and the Northern Sporades islands to mountainous Arcadia, our plotted routes are going to satisfy all Mountain Bike friends.

As in Road Tours, there are routes for all levels of riders, from families and beginners to experienced Mountain Bike cyclists. Accommodation and food take place at the best guest houses or small hotels that we meet on our tour. mtb tours greece

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These featured tours are our most favourite! They are all plotted on the most beautiful Greek mountains, usually above 1000 m altitude, and they are all accompanied by a support four-wheel drive vehicle.

They pass through unforgettable landscapes, in remote forests and pristine nature. They follow ancient paths, old stone bridges and narrow forest trails. Along our tour we meet small, serene or abandoned villages.

The ability level of the riders, who are invited to participate in these tours, should range from intermediate to advanced and they should share the love for adventure. Accommodation and food take place usually in camps organised mainly by our company but also with the help of the participants. Alternatively, accommodation can also take place in refuges, small guest rooms and houses. mtb tours greece

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In our neighbouring Bulgaria there are areas that when you visit them, it’s like taking a journey through time.

Small villages built with forgotten, bygone techniques, among picturesque streams, on the slopes of high mountains or next to raging, clean rivers. Wooden bridges join the opposite banks, connecting dirt roads and old paths that go uphill, facilitating the shepherds during summer in order to guide their numerous flocks.

These two nations, Greeks and Bulgarians, at times fight against each other and at times forget whatever hurt them in the past, or the things that have divided them, and they reconcile with each other, struggling daily in their poor countries, on the edge of the Balkan Peninsula.

These remote and quiet areas hide a small treasure of bike routes on the mountains or on asphalt roads. Serene as they are, going through an almost unspoiled landscape, they promise to enrich us with unprecedented experiences and intense emotions. Using Petrich as our base, we discover and plot with enthusiasm the best of these routes, in order to cycle on them at the first chance we get. mtb tours greece

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Short cycling routes for experienced riders who are in very good physical fitness, nearby Thessaloniki, suitable for Road or Mountain Bikes.

Ideal programmes for city visitors who want to train or just to get to know the beauties of the area on one-day or up to three-day tours, with attendants or not. mtb tours greece

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There were a few moments where we faced various dilemmas, e.g. how to mark a route and which bicycle would be the most suitable for it.

On our tours called “Trekking” we meet all kinds of terrain; neither dirt roads with difficulties nor routes entirely on asphalt roads.

Trekking marked tours are addressed to the average cyclist, who wants to enjoy nature while cycling at a relaxed pace, on an upright sitting position, and making frequent stops; the areas that we usually visit have a thematic interest. mtb tours greece

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The kids friendly tours are designed in such a way that allow the participation of children on a tour.

They can either cycle by themselves using right size bicycles and equipment provided by us, or, in case they are too young to cycle, they can be carried by their parents.  In this case, for a save journey, we provide bike child seats that get adjusted on the parents bicycles.

Of course, we also take care of anything else required regarding our little cyclists. They will not face any problems or miss anything. We take care for special food and proper space for them in the transportation vehicle. mtb tours greece

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We are pleased to create a custom cycling tour for you. We have travelled throughout our country, so we are equipped with a good knowledge of its beauties, and we can help you make the right choices for you and your friends.

Do not hesitate to contact us in order to describe the tour of your dreams, for any duration that you would like it to last and whenever it would suit you best to take place. We are going to offer you the most ideal proposal, providing the best value for money regarding our services, so that your trip can be unforgettable. Depending on your cycling ability level, beginners or advanced, we are going to study and design the best option for you. mtb tours greece

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How many times have you asked yourself how important it would be to have a vehicle waiting for you at the end of the route to take you back or to continue the tour? In a case like this you would not have to cycle a circular route, or to carry your personal belongings and equipment for camping.

Greece by cycle can support you in a custom designed trip, making it possible and comfortable.

We take care of the transportation of the participants, their equipment, like bicycles, canoes, camping equipment, personal belongings, etc., during one-day or multi-day trips.

We can set up the tents for the camping, prepare the meals, light the fire, and take care of anything else that would make your dream trip come true.

Do not hesitate to contact us, and do not forget that we think likewise, just because we are one of you! mtb tours greece

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Year by year, the importance of using a bicycle as a means of transport, a way to exercise and for recreation purposes is becoming more and more obvious. It is about time these three qualities of the bicycle became known to the public, so that more and more people choose to cycle, benefiting themselves, their children and our environment.

Greece by cycle, with a professional approach and with experienced members in organising such events, takes the responsibility of organising any event that is relevant to cycling; it also takes care of the spread of the cycling idea, like races, seminars, exhibitions, presentations for schools, associations, etc.

Contact us, and we will be glad to collaborate! mtb tours greece

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Cycling, however, is above all recreation, therefore Greece by cycle also organises bike games, creating a separate section of interest and continuously enriching it with new ideas.

Our upcoming events include “Bike Orienteering”, “Treasure Hunt”, etc. We can organise these and many other ideas for you (associations, schools, companies, etc.), so do not hesitate to contact us in order to make a choice together!

Have fun! mtb tours greece

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Wherever your business or your association is located, we can visit your area and prepare the most interesting choices of cycling routes that will delight your clients, your visitors or your members.

For years now, bicycle has become one of the most popular means of transport, sports and recreation. More and more people decide to include it in their vacation baggage.

With a variety of mountain bike or trekking choices we are going to clean, map and mark any route, writing down every useful detail that a demanding cyclist needs.

Do not hesitate to ask us how we could help you with whatever you are planning to do or anything you would like to implement. mtb tours greece

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