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Aegean East coast

Five MTB routes on the mountain and next to the sea, having as a base the hospitable guest house Eos.

7 days
151 km
Easy to Intermediate

Aristotle’s Path – Day tour

Follow the footsteps of the great philosopher by bike. From the area of ​​“Aristotle’s alley” to the ancient city remnants down at the sea.


one day excursion

Aristotle’s seaside route

A trip through the Greek history and along the aquamarine beaches of Halkidiki: The most beautiful peninsula in the Mediterranean!


9 days
Difficult, Intermediate

Aristotle’s seaside route – PRO RIDE

An “epic” road bike tour along the aquamarine beaches of Halkidiki – The most beautiful peninsula in the Mediterranean!

6 days
Difficult, Very Difficult

Bansko MTB Experience

Cycling on the slopes of the mountain of the 176 lakes


3 days
Intermediate to difficult

Chortiatis Trails

Mountain bike trails near the city of Thessaloniki

2 or 3 days
48 km
Difficult, Intermediate

Jeep Safari – Mountainous Halkidiki

Discover the hidden treasures of Halkidiki’s inland on a exciting Jeep safari trip!



one day excursion
100 to 250km

Meteora day tour

Cycle through the unique rocks of Meteora,visit a monastery and take pictures on the most breathtaking views!

one day excursion
Easy to Intermediate

Meteora’s road cruise

A trip on the quite roads of the mountainous heart of Greece

9 days
200km + 115km (optional)
Difficult, Intermediate

Meteora’s road cruise – short version

A trip on the quite roads of  the mountainous heart of Greece

5 days
Difficult, Intermediate

Olympus day tour

Hike and cycle in Mount Olympus,the sacred mountain of Greece. A day full of action accompanied by myths and Gods!

one day excursion
Easy to Intermediate
Olympus pass – Hike and bike
On Sale

Olympus Pass – Hike and Bike

Exploring the different facets of the legendary mountain



5 days
Difficult, Intermediate