Today we want to thank from our hearts

Today we want to thank from our hearts

Today we want to thank from our hearts, all of you who supported us in the difficult and incredibly beautiful year that passed …
You traveled with us giving us the opportunity to become exhibitioners of our beautiful country.
You became our companions in the paths and ascents, shared with us moments around the campfire, educated and advised us.
We shared our ideas and you suggested more. You praised us. You sat near us at sunset and made us laugh out of our hearts and relax after the fatigue of our explorations.
You corrected our mistakes and you waved us farewell. All of you who hosted us and gave us a coffee for the road and a snack. We want to thank all of you that we exchanged smiles while passing by during our journeys.
Be sure that we are continuing the journey, following our hearts as we got used to, and that we will be glad to have you near us in 2018.
Wishing a good and creative year for you all with endless cycling miles!

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Michalis Stamatiou
Life is a big adventure for me, especially, when I am in contact with nature... I love working with wood, riding my bicycle or hiking in the most remote areas of Greece. Founder of "Wood workers" and "Greece by cycle."


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